About Us

Twinwood U.S. - A story of Commitment and Dedication

In 1980, Twinwood U.S., Inc. was established as a private company in Simonton, Texas, a historical Texan landmark with its first documented settlement in the early 1850s, when James Simonton and his family moved to Texas from North Carolina to establish a plantation on the Brazos River.

Over the last 30 years, Twinwood’s dedication to excellence, commitment, and uncompromising standards prove the company’s true nature as an agricultural leader. Twinwood has been able to provide the very best products to its customers on a consistent basis, every month in any given year by staying current and knowledgeable on advanced agricultural research and technological innovations.

Today’s Twinwood has diversified into a significant agribusiness with interest in cattle ranching, equestrian services and farming (turfgrass, ornamental trees, and hay).

Twinwood continues to serve its customers with uncompromising quality and authenticity — a true statement of Twinwood’s dedication to excellence and commitment.

Twinwood Cattle Company - The Beginnings of Ranching

In 2009 Twinwood Cattle Company, Inc. was formed and also located in Simonton, Texas as part of Twinwood’s expansion into the agricultural world.

Twinwood Cattle Company, Inc. started its ranching operations by purchasing a large genetically diversified group of Fullblood Red Wagyu dams and superior herd sires from a Texas owned company named HeartBrand Beef®.

Our Mission and Vision

The mission of Twinwood is to preserve the genetic purity and integrity of the Akaushi breed and to produce seed stock of the highest quality by using the best genetic material in a well-designed and professional integrated production system  in a holistic responsible manner.


Twinwood provides more than just high-quality genetics - it provides a true opportunity of establishing a long-term relationship based on integrity and loyalty.


The Vision of Twinwood is to become a world premier provider of Akaushi genetics,
improving beef cattle operations towards achieving their
maximum economic sustainability potential.